Kaaba from inside


Detail Information of Kaaba

What is Kaaba :

The Kaaba is a building located inside the masjid known as Al-Masjidu’l-Haram in Mecca. The masjid was built around the original Kaaba. The Kaaba is the holiest place in Islam. Muslims throughout the world face the Kaaba during their prayers.

The Kaaba is a large masonry structure roughly the shape of a cube. (The name Kaaba comes from the Arabic word meaning “cube”). It is made of granite from the hills near Mecca. The most current dimensions for the structure are: 15 m high (49′) with sides measuring 10.5 m (34′) by 12 m (39′). It is covered by a black silk cloth decorated with gold-embroidered calligraphy. This cloth is known as the kiswah; it is replaced yearly.


Inside the Kaaba :

There are three pillars inside
There is a small table on the side to put items like perfume and incense burners.
There are two lantern-type lamps hanging from a cross beam near the ceiling
There are no electric lights inside
The interior walls are clad with marble half-way to the roof.
The entire floor is of marble except for a small portion which is called “Rukhamat Humra”.
Tablets with Qur’anic inscriptions are inset in the marble.
The top part of the walls is covered with a green cloth decorated with gold embroidered Qur’anic verses.
There are no windows inside
There is only one door
The space can accommodate about 50 people

In the corner called “Ar Rukne Yemeni” there is a place called “Mustajar” from where Fatema Binte Asad had entered to deliver Ali (AS) inside The Kaaba. Ali was, apart from being technically Prophet Mohammed (SA)’s cousin, he was his foster, son-in-law, constant companion and his appointed successor, which is refuted by majority of Muslims. Prophet Mohammed had inserted a silver nail on the red stone to mark Ali’s birthplace; the spot is known as “Rukhamat Hamra”. This is inside Kaa’bah.


Significants of Kiswa (Kaaba’s Pardah) :

“KAABA, the house of ALAAH in MEKKAH is covered by a black cloth called “KISWA” which is produced by and chnaged every year disinged by a special factory in MEKKAH.

Costs approximately US $ 17 MILLION.

The cloth is made of 670 kgs of SILVER and dyed BLACK. About 129 kgs. of PURE GLOD and 50 kgs. of SILVER used in writing the QURANIC VERSES over the cloth.

Total area of the cloth is 658 sq. meters.

Part Info. Provided by: Juzer Mohammed Husain


Kaaba Inside 1
[click for larger pic]

Kaaba Inside 2
[click for larger pic]

Kaaba Inside 3
[click for larger pic]

 These images press moment of exit Custodian of the Two Holy Masjids, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and his brethren leaders of the Islamic world from the Kaaba,
shown in the images of the inside wall of Kaaba, color green, as well as one of the pillars and some lanterns commentator.


An old photograph of Ka’ba.
Ordinary people used to have access to the inside of Ka’ba but now it is available only to Kings and highly connected government officials.



A Very old door of Ka’ba in Topkapy Museum




~ by Amina on March 18, 2008.

95 Responses to “Kaaba from inside”

  1. Peace be upon you,

    How very curious. Very good of you to share.

    I would like to add, if I may as often many people are confused, that as Muslims, yes, we do face the Kaba to pray. In every corner of the world we do so. But it is not because the Kaba itself has any value or worth that make it need to be faced other than a sign of unity.

    In short, Muslims do not worship the Kaba.

    It has caught fire, been flooded and been reconstructed many times in history. Additionally, when the Last Prophet (pbuh) conquered Makkah without shedding any blood (ie. by peaceful means) the first thing that was done was for Bilal (ra) to stand on top of the Kaba and call to prayer, proving is just a building definitely not an object of worship.

    This was a very informative post, once again, thank you.

    May we have the correct understanding of Islam.

    Kind regards,

    Dont be sad

  2. wasalam,

    thanks for visiting my blog, sure u can forward this post, info should be spread :)

  3. hello i am muslem and i want some pica in saet makah and i am form afghanstan of any ? u can ask tanks(D)

  4. Assalam-o-Alaikum wa Rehmatullah,

    Jazak Allah for the information, I never knew (in such detail) about insides of the Ka’bah. The pictures are vivid…

  5. anybody give me some pices of kaswa (the cover of kaba) i will pay any cost thanks (Muhammad AHmad Lahore Pakistan 0300-8401622

  6. can any help me. for job as sweeper inside kaba sharif. . and i want says AZAN in Haram Sharif . . plz plz. . and also how can i professionally shoot Video of KABA sharif . . plz help me out. . Muhammad Ahmad Lahore Pakistan 0300-8401622

  7. allah is great

  8. people whos has revealed them picture on internet is an arsehole.our secret sholud have been kept a secret,mecca is something which make all of us unique
    london (uk)

    • See reply two articles below. I pray that Allmighty cleanses your thought processes as you do sound rather Immature.

  9. I must disagree with u Munir on that one. First I don’t think Mohammed (SAWS) would appreciate abusive language. Secondly, Islam is for all of us, same as Qur’an and Kaaba. we as muslims HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, and sharing with our belief is our duty as part of DAWAH. We are not chosen nation, above all others. We do believe in all prophets and books sent before Qur’an. Also just to remind you, everyone comes to this world, born as a muslim, regardless what later he or she becomes…there is only one God for all of us and above all of us, so let us leave Him the job of judging us.

    • how can u say that every one is born as a muslim…infact u become muslim after u are born after cutting a skin of ur body…

      • How an you doubt this. Do get clarification from your AAleem. The Muslim child is unfortunately influenced by his Background. Make Shukar if you were born in a Muslim home and your transition to Islam in you adult Life ie efter Puberty was easy.In fact I was told by an Aleem that the cutting of the skin is non obligatory if a non believer is afraid of reverting to Islam ecause of the skin removal ie Circumcision. Basical as the reverts with time realises the benefits of Circumcision eg Hygiene Paaky etc he will himself hopefully request it.

    • I fully agree with your sentiments. These are sentimental relics. The original manuscripts of the Quran Kareem were destroyed to avoid sentimentality. We are obliged to spread the word of Islam DAWAA so why can we not share some of our heritage from the days of our Prophet

  10. If anything about Islam was kept a secret then Islam wouldn’t be the second largest and the fastest growing religion. If you’ve come to the point in your life where you can stand up and say you are a Muslim man, then remove the ignorance you have stored in your mind.

  11. ALLAH IS GREAT, Allah loves peace, non-violence and humanity.

  12. Allah wants love and respect to each other. let’s take the path guided by Prophet Hazarat Muhammad(SA)

  13. MashAllah .. another good post .. thx for sharing :)

  14. Thanks for uploading these pictures
    “May Allah bless us All with his choicest blessings” = Ameen

  15. Thanks for the pics. Always been wondering what’s inside it.

  16. Thank you guys. I was curious about Kaaba myself, too bad one can’t get to see it live anymore.

  17. I really found this post exciting and thrilling. I think you are awesome.

  18. Great work. I just loved it (no I’m not exaggerating). I’ve always been curious about what’s inside the kaaba, Thanks for the info .JazakAllah.

  19. and munir if Islam and it’s facts were to be kept secrets then it wouldn’t have become the second largest religion.As muslims we should spread islam as much as we can either through good words or good deeds.

  20. Thank you Robin and Annie. I’m glad you liked it. I’ve been also always so much curious about Ka’bah. Too bad there are so few pictures of it and it’s no longer available for ordinary people to enter.

  21. salam to all this is really nice..on wikepidia there is handmade drawing of huzzrat muhammad mustufa(saw) pls ask them to remove it form there.

  22. Subhanallah, wallahu akbar

  23. It’s just amazing, SubhanaAllah!

  24. Thanks for sharing amina! I shed a tear when I finally able to see the inside of the Kaabah.. =)

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  26. Alhamdulillah some of my curiousities and inner questions answered – you know me being a convert.

  27. Thanks guys,
    it is truly amazing!

  28. that is great a dream comes true

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  30. Asalam-o-Alikum

    Jazak-Allah ….I am thousands miles away from Kabah and never get chance to see inside Kabah….Luckly by this Web post I ziarath inside Kabah. May all give you Qalbay Saleem and your heart do Ziakran Kasira….

    1.Brothers, If we get a chance to go inside face to pray towards Mizabah Rahmat wall (A Water Spout on the top of the roof) and it is facing to Masjid Nabwi.

    2.Also Hateem been kept open so that a worshiper could get the opportunity to pray (NAFIL) here. It is just an equal honour for a faithful as he prays inside the Kabat-ullah

    3.Most important thing everyone born as Muslim but not everyone die as Muslim Donot miss our daily prayer. Pray for everyone.

    Allah Hafiz (SHUAIB from Canada)

  31. salam every muslim,
    how wonerful the kaba inside.its really great pleasure to see the kaba.every muslim should go there and see,what a life there.

  32. i like it

  33. so wat is inside it really??

  34. Subhan Allah

  35. @ muhammad Ahmad :

    Are you joking ahmad….??????

    Well,In Kaaba is washed by KING ITSelf….the key handler of Kaaba is the family of person,whom prophet given key of Kaaba before 1400 years….

    More on Washing Kaaba !


  36. Now Watch Inside Video of Kaaba !


  37. subhan allah


  39. This is amazing, very educative and enlightening.
    Faruk M. salah

  40. assalam o alikum
    really some heart-touching pictures.
    i wish ordinary muslims like me may have access to inside Kaba,
    but i’m noot aware of what to do inside it? shed tears or may be
    i wouldn’t live to reach inside because i bear a sinful heart.

  41. i dont believe that anyone has seen the inside of the kaba so please do not make stories up

    thank you

    • Harmeet, i think the kings and whosoever the governor is of mecca at any given time may have seen the inside. my curiosity is who built it and for what purpose. I dont believe in any adam eve semitic stuff but I am not writing this to make any one angry, just my own belief. someone built it and for some purpose. what was the purpose. thats what i wanna know.

      peace from India

  42. Alhamdolillah for seeing inside kaaba first time alongwith some other heart touching pictures

  43. its really very touching…..Hope to see it live

  44. btw, Harmeet, the so called custodians of that place and for that matter the city of mecca made sure they made an exit road for non muslims. so u can go to mecca but not beyond a certain point. a green sign clearly marks 2 roads, one going straight for “muslims” and another that turns and will not go near the kaaba and the mosque and that is for “non muslims”.

    i think thats pathetic but then no surprise there

  45. dai mai daraja kaaba.

  46. allahuakbar…..allahuakbar…..

  47. Alhamdulillah

  48. I am a Christian. I love learning about your religion. This is so unique and gorgeous. I hope to learn more of the important holy places of your religion.
    May Jesus bless us all

  49. i wish to go there…


  51. please send me some more emails

  52. Al Ham Du Lillah . Thanks to all who made these Pictures available

  53. salamvalekum..,
    thanks for sharing info.its very exciting and good info.

  54. allahho akbar

  55. masha allah
    thanks u very much for your sharing
    pls send me update photos

  56. masha allah
    thanks u very much for your sharing
    ALLAH apki makfirat kare aur apko JANNAT me buland makam ada kare AMEEN

  57. mashaAllah
    i was surprised to seethe interior of the holy ka’bah
    shukriyah ,allah aap par rahmat barsaay.ameen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by rizwanullah khan shujathullah khan

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  59. assalamu alaikum…

    hai im nur atika from malaysia.i would like to see the pic of inside the kabba. im so worried cause as a muslim girl i dont no about the kabba. im realy so intrest to know about makkah and kabba. my parents had visit the makkah last year on haji day. after they come back i ask what is inside the makkah but they didt ans me. im so embarasing and worried of this. insha allah pls send me the pic. i love allah i wan to see my allah…

  60. i love too much

  61. assalamu alaikkum

    hi i am kajasherif from india (chennai sathiya nagar)
    thank you very much your sharing want more image pleace sent me mail pleace

  62. so are go to do with the old cover from kaaba
    in the tima change our replace for a new one.


  64. Alhamdu liLahi !!!

    At least this beautiful blog meets the voracious appetite searching minds for what lies therein the kaaba. Even though i have never been to Mecca, i have a very strong believe that nothing evil lies in it as claimed by the propagandists who think they hurt muslims but contempting Allah.

    Islamic religion has already been perfected by Allah himself through many Prophets like Abraham, his sons etc down to Muhammad (SAW) the bearer of glad tidings. May Allah (SW) grant us all paradise for testifying to his oneness. I love Islam, I aim to see the Kaaba (INSHA’ ALLAH) Islam (ours) is UNIQUE.

  65. allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar allahu akbar

  66. Acctually i want to do job. Anykind of work in kabah shariff. Security job. Cleaning section job. Taking care of any thing in kabah shariff..

  67. Masha Allah, Allah HU Akbar…

  68. i proud fill ……i am ..Muslim…. Allah HU Akbar……

  69. May Allah bless you all. I am perplexed that a few are usurping the right of over a Billion of us to come inside and pray. Keeping us ignorant and in dark may have worked before but as our brothers in North Africa showed new times have come and we all ought to be treated with respect and not only the priviledged few (who are allowed to enter throughout the year). There is nothing to hide and as the pictures show (check out youtube too as there is several recordings by young priviledged sheiks depicting the interior of the holy place). I am ranting as I am fed up with many things we have to put up in our muslim societies, societies that have a divine and compassionate message as its spine, yet, they are hijacked by priilrdged few which on purpose keep the rest of us in dark. Why not take photos of what is inside Kabbah, why not explain the purpose of dozens of hanging lamps, black and white verses on the wall. Why? We would all bebefit from that knowledge for our love toeards Islam would be even greater.

  70. Assalamualaikum
    Very Nice
    Thanks 4 sharing
    May peace be on you.

  71. thanks to ol of islam

  72. first time i seen the interior of the Kaaba may Allah protect you and increase you in knowledge.

  73. u r correct sister amina..
    Islam shuld spred all over the world. Ka’aba allah’s masjid. Everyone can see it. No one can destroy it. Becouse protection of ka’aba is directly taken by allah. i think u knw the history of king abrahath. Before two years of profet’s birth.

  74. Assalamu Alaikum
    Dear brothers I want to share some information about the Kabah
    Qur’an in Sura Baqra Verses 121 to 127 described it clearly that Allah had ordained his servant Ibrahim to build the Shrine there for worship of One God. During Kusayi’s time it was rebuilt and fortified. During the early years of Prophet Muhammad (SA) before he announced his ministry, the Ka’aba was damaged by floods and it was rebuilt again. When the Black stone was to be put in its place the Makkans quarrelled among themselves as to who should have the honour to place it there. They had just decided that the first comer to the quadrangle should be given the task of deciding as to who should have the honour. Muhammad (SA) came in and was assigned this task. He advised them to place the stone in a cloak and ordered the heads of each Tribe each to take an end and bring the cloak nearer the corner on the eastern side. He himself then took out the stone and placed it in its position. It has been fixed there ever since.

  75. subhanallah in sha ALLAH ALLAH zojal mujhe apone madena livew dikhaiega ameeeeeeeeeeeen

  76. i love kaaba nd i wana see kaaba allah sabki muraad puri kare aameen

  77. MASHA ALLAH very nice pictures….

  78. masha allah …..

  79. subhan allah dil ko chu lene wali tasveer hai allah kareem hum sabhi ko kabba shrif jaldi dikhaye aameen

  80. thank for this information jazak allah

  81. i am go for umrah please help me i have no money to pay visa+ticket expences

  82. Plz pray I want to come again again in Makkah with my ami and entire faimly my mangetar also plz who watch this say ameeeeeeeeeeeen. Thanks to alllllll

  83. mashaallah, subhanallah,alhamdulillah

  84. basically islam comes from hinduism..


  86. as salamo alai kum…../
    i am sadar fm india wb . That’s my dream for complite knowladge about kaa ba sharif.

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